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The ZAJICEK and RIEMER Families

Welcome to the Zajicek /Riemer genealogy page. The branches of this family descend from Germany, England, Ireland, and the Czech Republic (Bohemia). The best place to start is to enter a surname into the search box in the upper left corner of this page. Or click on "Surnames" to get a list of all surnames. Living individuals will not be shown to protect their privacy. If you would like to see the entire family tree and you are a member of this family, please register as a new user and you will be given access to the whole site. If you are a registered user you can download a GEDCOM or add information. I look forward to sharing information with you!

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The photo to the left is one of the many family photos I have collected over the years. The image changes every time the page is refreshed.

For more information about a particular photo, click on the caption and it will take you to the Media Page. From there you can see who the photo is linked to.

Feature Articles

feature 1 Leberecht Julius BEHRENDT b 1833 The story of my great great grandfather, Julius BEHRENDT, is what originally got me interested in genealogy. My father told me the family story of Julius BEHRENDT, who left his wife and 2 children in Treuenbrietzen, Brandenburg, Germany during the 1860s and said he was going to the US or Canada but was never seen again. I thought I could easily solve this mystery, but 30+ years later we still don't know what happened to Julius.

feature 2 Florence FLETCHER b 22 Jun 1871 Florence Fletcher lived a relatively short and difficult life but is probably the most fascinating character in my family tree.. Florence had 4 children with a man she called "Harry Fisher". Did he really exist? She worked as a barmaid and moved often. After WWI she took 2 of her children and immigrated to Canada to "marry W. Bindon". She never did marry him but her other 2 children followed her to Canada 2 years later. Read more details about Florence's life here.

feature 3 The RYAN Clan in Old Pallas, Pallasgrean, Limerick, Ireland Four generations of women are living alone in Old Pallas in the early 1900s. They are part of the RYAN family from that area of Pallasgrean. Eventually the youngest, Mary O'BRIEN, immigrates to Chicago in 1928 to live with her great Aunt, Bessie RYAN. Read about the RYAN family here.
There is possibly an O'BRIEN connection with the O'BRIENs from Bunavie, County Limerick, Ireland. Read more about this O'BRIEN family here.

feature 4 The ZAJICEK Family: Joseph ZAJICEK was a tailor in Chicago who immigrated from Bohemia in about 1890. His wife, Josefina KREMLOVA was also from Bohemia. They had 6 children, one of whom was my husband's grandfather. I knew very little about the ancestry of this family until recently. Read more here.

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