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Winsford, Somerset, England



Latitude: 51.1015670, Longitude: -3.5628970


Latitude: 51.1015670, Longitude: -3.5628970


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BINDON, Anne  1860Winsford, Somerset, England I00848 RiemerZajicek 
2 BINDON, Anne  1860Winsford, Somerset, England I02875 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
3 BINDON, Benjamin  1825Winsford, Somerset, England I00916 RiemerZajicek 
4 BINDON, Benjamin  1825Winsford, Somerset, England I02139 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
5 BINDON, Elizabeth  1858Winsford, Somerset, England I00867 RiemerZajicek 
6 BINDON, Elizabeth  1858Winsford, Somerset, England I04119 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
7 BINDON, Ellen  20 Feb 1868Winsford, Somerset, England I00869 RiemerZajicek 
8 BINDON, Ellen  20 Feb 1868Winsford, Somerset, England I04117 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
9 BINDON, James  1848Winsford, Somerset, England I00864 RiemerZajicek 
10 BINDON, James  1848Winsford, Somerset, England I04114 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
11 BINDON, John  1856Winsford, Somerset, England I00866 RiemerZajicek 
12 BINDON, John  1856Winsford, Somerset, England I04120 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
13 BINDON, John  1863Winsford, Somerset, England I00868 RiemerZajicek 
14 BINDON, John  1863Winsford, Somerset, England I04118 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
15 BINDON, Mary  1839Winsford, Somerset, England I00919 RiemerZajicek 
16 BINDON, Mary  1839Winsford, Somerset, England I02137 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
17 BINDON, Matthew  1822Winsford, Somerset, England I00915 RiemerZajicek 
18 BINDON, Matthew  1822Winsford, Somerset, England I02132 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
19 BINDON, Robert  1819Winsford, Somerset, England I00846 RiemerZajicek 
20 BINDON, Robert  1819Winsford, Somerset, England I02873 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
21 BINDON, Thomas  1813Winsford, Somerset, England I00912 RiemerZajicek 
22 BINDON, Thomas  1813Winsford, Somerset, England I02135 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
23 BINDON, Thomas  1853Winsford, Somerset, England I00865 RiemerZajicek 
24 BINDON, Thomas  1853Winsford, Somerset, England I04113 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
25 BINDON, William  Abt 1771Winsford, Somerset, England I00910 RiemerZajicek 
26 BINDON, William  Abt 1771Winsford, Somerset, England I04887 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
27 BINDON, William  Mar 1866Winsford, Somerset, England I00844 RiemerZajicek 
28 BINDON, William  Mar 1866Winsford, Somerset, England I02879 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BINDON, John  1859Winsford, Somerset, England I00866 RiemerZajicek 
2 BINDON, John  1859Winsford, Somerset, England I04120 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
3 BINDON, William  1852Winsford, Somerset, England I00910 RiemerZajicek 
4 BINDON, William  1852Winsford, Somerset, England I04887 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
5 NETHERCOTT, Ann  1852Winsford, Somerset, England I00861 RiemerZajicek 
6 NETHERCOTT, Ann  1852Winsford, Somerset, England I04818 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 BINDON, Anne  1871Winsford, Somerset, England I02875 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
2 BINDON, Benjamin  1851Winsford, Somerset, England I00916 RiemerZajicek 
3 BINDON, Benjamin  1851Winsford, Somerset, England I02139 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
4 BINDON, Benjamin  1861Winsford, Somerset, England I00916 RiemerZajicek 
5 BINDON, Benjamin  1861Winsford, Somerset, England I02139 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
6 BINDON, Benjamin  1871Winsford, Somerset, England I00916 RiemerZajicek 
7 BINDON, Benjamin  1871Winsford, Somerset, England I02139 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
8 BINDON, Benjamin  1891Winsford, Somerset, England I00916 RiemerZajicek 
9 BINDON, Benjamin  1891Winsford, Somerset, England I02139 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
10 BINDON, Elizabeth  1871Winsford, Somerset, England I04119 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
11 BINDON, Ellen  1871Winsford, Somerset, England I04117 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
12 BINDON, James  1851Winsford, Somerset, England I00913 RiemerZajicek 
13 BINDON, James  1851Winsford, Somerset, England I02134 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
14 BINDON, James  1851Winsford, Somerset, England I04114 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
15 BINDON, John  1871Winsford, Somerset, England I04118 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
16 BINDON, Matthew  1861Winsford, Somerset, England I00915 RiemerZajicek 
17 BINDON, Matthew  1861Winsford, Somerset, England I02132 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
18 BINDON, Matthew  1871Winsford, Somerset, England I00915 RiemerZajicek 
19 BINDON, Matthew  1871Winsford, Somerset, England I02132 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
20 BINDON, Richard  1851Winsford, Somerset, England I00862 RiemerZajicek 
21 BINDON, Richard  1851Winsford, Somerset, England I04116 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
22 BINDON, Robert  1851Winsford, Somerset, England I00846 RiemerZajicek 
23 BINDON, Robert  1851Winsford, Somerset, England I00846 RiemerZajicek 
24 BINDON, Robert  1851Winsford, Somerset, England I02873 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
25 BINDON, Robert  1851Winsford, Somerset, England I02873 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
26 BINDON, Robert  1861Winsford, Somerset, England I00846 RiemerZajicek 
27 BINDON, Robert  1861Winsford, Somerset, England I00846 RiemerZajicek 
28 BINDON, Robert  1861Winsford, Somerset, England I02873 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
29 BINDON, Robert  1861Winsford, Somerset, England I02873 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
30 BINDON, Robert  1871Winsford, Somerset, England I00846 RiemerZajicek 
31 BINDON, Robert  1871Winsford, Somerset, England I02873 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
32 BINDON, Robert  1881Winsford, Somerset, England I02873 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
33 BINDON, Thomas  1871Winsford, Somerset, England I04113 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
34 BINDON, William  1871Winsford, Somerset, England I02879 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
35 BINDON, William  1881Winsford, Somerset, England I02879 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
36 FERRIS, Elizabeth  1851Winsford, Somerset, England I02874 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
37 FERRIS, Elizabeth  1861Winsford, Somerset, England I02874 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
38 FERRIS, Elizabeth  1871Winsford, Somerset, England I02874 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
39 FERRIS, Elizabeth  1881Winsford, Somerset, England I02874 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
40 NETHERCOTT, Ann  1851Winsford, Somerset, England I00861 RiemerZajicek 
41 NETHERCOTT, Ann  1851Winsford, Somerset, England I04818 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 

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