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Sheffield, Yorkshire, England


City/Town : Latitude: 53.3811290, Longitude: -1.4700850

Latitude: 53.366665, Longitude: -1.500000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Jane Ellen  1819Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I05092 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
2 CHESTER, Eliza  Abt 1838Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I05174 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
3 CONSTABLE, Elizabeth  Abt 1867Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I03825 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
4 FLETCHER, Ada Beatrice  Abt 1864Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I00538 RiemerZajicek 
5 FLETCHER, Ada Beatrice  Abt 1864Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I02895 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
6 FLETCHER, Ada Beatrice  Abt 1893Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I03826 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
7 FLETCHER, Adaline Louise  Abt 1867Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I05112 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
8 FLETCHER, Charles  Abt 1854Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I00432 RiemerZajicek 
9 FLETCHER, Charles Reynolds  Abt 1854Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I02179 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
10 FLETCHER, Edith Emily  Abt 1865Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I05131 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
11 FLETCHER, Eliza  Abt 1903Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I04193 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
12 FLETCHER, Eliza Frances  Abt 1873Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I4215 RiemerZajicek 
13 FLETCHER, Eliza Frances  Abt 1873Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I05082 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
14 FLETCHER, Ernest  Abt 1900Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I01908 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
15 FLETCHER, Florence  22 Jun 1871Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I03968 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
16 FLETCHER, Frank Walter  Abt 1897Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I03564 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
17 FLETCHER, George Arnold  Abt 1869Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I05111 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
18 FLETCHER, George Radley  Abt 1866Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I00539 RiemerZajicek 
19 FLETCHER, George Radley  Abt 1866Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I02894 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
20 FLETCHER, John Henry  24 Mar 1867Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I4187 RiemerZajicek 
21 FLETCHER, John Henry  24 Mar 1867Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I01065 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
22 FLETCHER, Kate Agnes  25 Sep 1862Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I05243 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
23 FLETCHER, L  Abt 1873Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I05140 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
24 FLETCHER, Lacy Ann  Abt 1894Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I04398 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
25 FLETCHER, Lucy Ann  Abt 1895Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I00280 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
26 FLETCHER, William H  Abt 1891Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I04335 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
27 MALLINSON, Amy  Abt 1895Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I3060 RiemerZajicek 
28 MALLINSON, Amy  Abt 1895Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I00191 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
29 MALLINSON, Blanche  Abt 1891Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I3059 RiemerZajicek 
30 MALLINSON, Blanche  Abt 1891Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I02177 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
31 MALLINSON, Edith  Abt 1899Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I3061 RiemerZajicek 
32 MALLINSON, Edith  Abt 1899Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I00190 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
33 MALLINSON, Harvey  Abt 1889Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I3058 RiemerZajicek 
34 MALLINSON, Harvey  Abt 1889Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I02217 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
35 RADLEY, Mary Ann  Abt 1828Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I00530 RiemerZajicek 
36 RADLEY, Mary Ann  Abt 1828Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I03425 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
37 SIDES, Alfred  Abt 1894Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I03200 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
38 SIDES, Eleanor  Abt 1890Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I00542 RiemerZajicek 
39 SIDES, Eleanor  Abt 1890Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I04835 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
40 SIDES, John  Abt 1863Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I00540 RiemerZajicek 
41 SIDES, John Henry  Abt 1863Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I02907 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
42 SIDES, Kate  Abt 1884Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I00541 RiemerZajicek 
43 SIDES, Kate Ethel F  Abt 1884Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I02906 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
44 SIDES, William  Abt 1896Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I03199 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
45 STACEY, Clara Maria  Abt 1852Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I4214 RiemerZajicek 
46 STACEY, Clara Maria  Aug 1852Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I05033 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
47 STACEY, William  1817Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I05073 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
48 STACY, Elizabeth  1842Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I05084 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
49 THOMPSON, Frank W  Abt 1870Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I05065 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
50 THOMPSON, Herbert  Abt 1872Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I05064 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 SIDES, Kate Ethel F  Jun 1964Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I02906 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
2 WARRINER, Ann  20 Apr 1876Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I4186 RiemerZajicek 
3 WARRINER, Thomas  26 Nov 1876Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I4219 RiemerZajicek 
4 WARRINER, Thomas  26 Nov 1876Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I02168 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
5 WARRINER, Thomas  1906Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I05060 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 FLETCHER, John Henry  1871Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I4187 RiemerZajicek 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Lawsuit    Person ID   Tree 
1 FLETCHER, Alfred Manby  15 Feb 1879Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I4177 RiemerZajicek 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    other    Person ID   Tree 
1 FLETCHER, Alfred Manby  15 Sep 1877Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I4177 RiemerZajicek 
2 FLETCHER, Alfred Manby  20 Sep 1877Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I4177 RiemerZajicek 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 CONSTABLE, Elizabeth  1901Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I03825 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
2 CONSTABLE, Elizabeth  2 Apr 1911Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I03825 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
3 FLETCHER, Ada Beatrice  1901Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I03826 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
4 FLETCHER, Ada Beatrice  2 Apr 1911Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I03826 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
5 FLETCHER, Alfred Manby  1871Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I4177 RiemerZajicek 
6 FLETCHER, Alfred Manby  1871Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I04686 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
7 FLETCHER, Alice Eliza  1881Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I02900 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
8 FLETCHER, Eleanor  2 Apr 1911Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I02899 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
9 FLETCHER, Eliza  2 Apr 1911Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I04193 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
10 FLETCHER, Ernest  1901Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I01908 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
11 FLETCHER, Ernest  2 Apr 1911Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I01908 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
12 FLETCHER, Frank Walter  1901Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I03564 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
13 FLETCHER, Frank Walter  2 Apr 1911Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I03564 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
14 FLETCHER, George Frederick  1861Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I00927 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
15 FLETCHER, John Henry  1871Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I01065 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
16 FLETCHER, John William  12 Dec 1865Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I00385 RiemerZajicek 
17 FLETCHER, John William  12 Dec 1865Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I02762 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
18 FLETCHER, John William  12 Dec 1865Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I02762 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
19 FLETCHER, Lacy Ann  2 Apr 1911Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I04398 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
20 FLETCHER, Lucy Ann  1901Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I00280 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
21 FLETCHER, Samuel Horton  1851Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I04829 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
22 FLETCHER, Walter James  1901Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I02898 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
23 SCOTSON, Ellen  1901Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I05648 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
24 SIDES, Alfred  2 Apr 1911Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I03200 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
25 SIDES, Eleanor  2 Apr 1911Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I04835 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
26 SIDES, John Henry  2 Apr 1911Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I02907 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
27 SIDES, Kate Ethel F  2 Apr 1911Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I02906 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
28 SIDES, William  2 Apr 1911Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I03199 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
29 STACEY, Clara Maria  1871Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I05033 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
30 THOMPSON, Gertrude M  1881Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I03584 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
31 THOMPSON, Herbert  1891Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I05064 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
32 THOMPSON, Herbert  1901Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I05064 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
33 THOMPSON, Joseph Thomas  1871Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I05056 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
34 THOMPSON, Joseph Thomas  1881Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I05056 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
35 THOMPSON, Joseph Thomas  1891Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I05056 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
36 THOMPSON, Percy Charles  1881Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I03583 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
37 TWIGG, Jonathan William  2 Apr 1911Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I04571 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
38 TWIGG, William Henry  2 Apr 1911Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I04588 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
39 WARRINER, Ann  1871Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I03754 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
40 WARRINER, Harriet  1881Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I02373 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
41 WARRINER, Harriet  1891Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I02373 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 FLETCHER / CONSTABLE  10 Mar 1890Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F00776 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
2 FLETCHER / DING  Jan 1878Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F01306 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
3 FLETCHER / RADLEY  10 Jan 1850Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F00777 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
4 FLETCHER / STACEY  1872Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F1268 RiemerZajicek 
5 RADLEY /   10 Jan 1850Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F01511 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
6 SELLARS / FLETCHER  31 Mar 1870Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F00635 RiemerZajicek 
7 SELLARS / FLETCHER  31 Mar 1870Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F01407 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 
8 TWIGG / SIDES  Sep 1907Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F01270 Riemer-Zajicek 2018b 

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